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  • Low Friction Technology
  • Blended with 100% virgin base oil
  • Additional reduction in fuel consumption
  • Protects your engine from wear & tear
  • Lower viscosity increase. For this reason, greater performance & operation
  • Prevents wear and corrosion, provides excellent motor protection.
  • Provides good performance at high/cold temperatures.
  • Provides Long sump life and extends the oil changing period.
  • Lubricates better at cold climates.
  • Provides advantage in engine that has frequent oil change intervals.

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Facilitate and enrich the lives and business of all our partners with the value we create

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To build relationships with our customers based on mutual trust, respect and empathy with our high quality oil trading services that add real value to their business.

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To increase our efficiency, which we have created with hard work, determination, patience and confidence, to our suppliers, to our customers, to our employees, to collecting and to the environment.

Determination & Enthusiasm

To work hard with our never-ending determination and enthusiasm to advance and go further, and to respond to the expectations of our suppliers and customers,

About Continental

Our vision of being one of the leading and top engine oil companies in the industry and focusing on customer satisfaction with product and service quality has started its activities in 2007 CONTINENTAL OILS is the fastest growing group of engine oil companies in Dubai Middle East whereas our activities are focused on Petroleum Products in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). During the past few years, the worldwide distribution network was expanded to make sure global availability of our products.

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