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100% Coolant & Antifreeze

is Silicate, Borate and Phosphate free. Japanese vehicles require Silicate and Borate free coolant, while European vehicles require Phosphates free coolant. Its unique formula allows Contex 100% CONCENTRATED COOLANT to be used as top up, service fill or dry fill in vehicles with blue coolant super long life technology.

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Safe for use in Japanese vehicles as it DOES NOT contain Silicate or Borate

Safe for use in European vehicles as it DOES NOT contain Phosphate


✓Provides optimum protection against corrosion of all metals in vehicle cooling systems.

✓Compatible with hoses and rubber fittings.

✓Expands operating temperature range of cooling systems.

✓Eliminates the need for supplemental coolant additives (SCA) in diesel engines.

✓Reduces the incidence of nucleate or hot spot boiling.

✓Not aggressive to water pump seals as is often the case with high silicate.


1L, 4L, 5L, 20L, 25L, 208L