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Antifreeze Ethylene Glycol

Antifreeze Ethylene Glycol is an antifreeze grade glycol that is designed to be used as the base for antifreeze formulation compounded to meet the requirement of almost market. CONTEX ANTIFREEZE ETHYLENE GLYCOL is a clear moderately viscous, hygroscopic liquid at room temperature. It is a straight chain aliphatic compound terminated in both ends by a hydroxyl group. Code : 45796511/ SKU : 4521785 ENQUIRE NOW

100% Coolant & Antifreeze

100% Coolant & Antifreeze is Silicate, Borate and Phosphate free. Japanese vehicles require Silicate and Borate free coolant, while European vehicles require Phosphates free coolant. Its unique formula allows Contex 100% CONCENTRATED COOLANT to be used as top up, service fill or dry fill in vehicles with blue coolant super long life technology. Code : 45796511/ SKU : 4521785 ENQUIRE NOW MSDS


70% COOLANT & ANTIFREEZE is a high-performance concentrated antifreeze that is phosphatefree, silicate-free nitrate-free and borate-free ethylene glycol-based coolant that is designed to provide exceptional corrosion protection of all cooling system metals. CONTEX 70% COOLANT & ANTIFREEZE is formulated using organic corrosion inhibitors to provide total cooling system protection and thus not readily deplete. Code : 45796511/ SKU : 4521785 ENQUIRE NOW MSDS


50-50 Coolant & Antifreeze features a patented, advanced organic acid technology that provides guaranteed lifetime protection for as long as you own your vehicle. Patented inhibitors provide maximum protection against damaging rust and corrosion in all automobiles and light trucks worldwide – regardless of make, model, year or original antifreeze color. Code : 45796511/ SKU : 4521785 ENQUIRE NOW MSDS

33% Coolant & Antifreeze

33% Coolant & Antifreeze is a ready to use coolant antifreeze formulated from mono ethylene glycol and corrosive inhibitors containing no amines, nitrites or phosphates. It provides maximum protection to engine cooling systems of automotive and industrial diesel and gasoline engines. Code : 45796511/ SKU : 4521785 ENQUIRE NOW MSDS PDS Application: CONTEX 33% COOLANT


POWER STEERING FLUID is blended with high quality base stocks and a balanced additive system designed to provide enhanced wear protection reduced loud noise in all conditions and longer service life. Power Steering Fluid is a hydraulic steering fluid with synthetic polymers formulated to meet the stringent requirements of most power steering units. Contex Power Steering Fluid is approved for year-round use for most customers. Code : 45796511/ SKU : 4521785 ENQUIRE NOW