Other Industrial Oil


Chain Oil

Chain Oil CHAIN OIL is specifically designed for the lubrication of chains and guide bars on modern high speed chain saws operating under severe conditions. It is suitable for use with all types of chain saws equipped with either hand-operated or automatic oilers. CHAIN OIL can also be used in industrial applications where sticky anti-wear oil is preferred. This includes chain drives and plain bearings. Code : 45796511/ SKU : 4521785 ENQUIRE NOW

Cutting Oil

Cutting Oil CUTTING OIL recommended for a wide range of operations, especially of both ferrous and nonferrous metals. The low viscosity ensures the product has excellent penetration, particularly important in tapping and deep-hole drilling applications. Special base fluids ensure low misting tendency and low volatility in use. It is formulated with chlorine-free additives, which can help control the environmental impact of disposal and spillage. Code : 45796511/ SKU : 4521785 ENQUIRE NOW

Flushing Oil

Flushing Oil Flushing Oil is an effective single-grade, high quality flushing oil. The advantageous choice of viscosity, premium solvent-refined base oils and specially detergent and dispersion additives make Flushing Oil extremely effective. This product can also be used if the service fill lubricant has to be drained because of a contamination problem. Code : 45796511/ SKU : 4521785 ENQUIRE NOW MSDS

Heat Transfer Oil

Heat Transfer Oil HEAT TRANSFER FLUIDS are made of highly refined Mineral oils chosen for the ability to provide superior performance & specifically designed for use as a heat transfer fluid. It contains an effective inhibitor to assist in keeping systems clean and resist oxidation and thermal cracking. The low viscosity of Heat Transfer Fluid permits rapid and efficient transfer of heat and greater ease of circulation. Code : 45796511/ SKU : 4521785 ENQUIRE NOW